read before buy

  • is a project by enthusiasts for enthusiasts
  • I do not and will not do dropshipping
  • I make a lot of work from my house:
    • QA
    • packaging
    • hand soldering
    • visual inspection
    • test all the functionality of each board:
      • I use raspberry pi to test USB-board-devices: HID, MASS STORAGE etc
      • I use arduino and own pcbs to test accessible pins etc
      • I made some manual tests like connect USB-board-devices to a PC and verify if all works as expected
    • program the microcontrollers
    • test some firmwares in each microcontroller
    • check if JTAG debugging/programming works
    • a lot of manual work.
    • I prefer to give a good quality rather than sell a lot

for these reasons the stock is limited and the price is higher than others

due manual work, please be patient and note that errors may exist

visual inspection after AT90USB1287 hand soldering:


visual inspection after SRAM hand soldering: